Friday 3 January

Monthly meeting

2 pm at Reigate Manor Hotel

River Kwai Railway – The true story – Paul Whittle

Constructed in huge haste and appalling conditions, the 250 – mile Burma-Thai Railway cost over 100,000 lives. Not for nothing did it become known as ‘The Death Railway’. Starting with the fall of Singapore in February 1942, Paul Whittle’s talk covers the reason for the project, its construction, operation and subsequent demise before being partially re-opened. Paul then contrasts the reality with the fiction of the iconic 1957 film.  

Paul Whittle is a military historian and railway expert, seen recently on the TV series ‘How Trains Changed the World’. 

Just a reminder – if you think friends might be interested in the topics of the Friday meetings they are welcome to attend. They will be offered a visitor badge and asked to sign in so that we have a record of attendance.

Friday 7 February 2020: Funny Ladies – Tricia Thompson

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