Learn to Relax

Relaxation is an experience that cultivates joy, peace and vitality.


For many years I worked as an Aromatherapist, a facilitator of counselling skills and personal development and recently gained my teaching qualifications in both yoga and meditation.


Each session will include relaxation techniques that include easy standing and seated  yoga postures(asanas) to release physical tension in the body, followed by various breathing practices(pranayama) to calm and quieten the mind, finishing with a short, seated meditation to bring your body, mind and spirit into balance.


The ancient practice of Meditation is an experience that aims to bring peace, joy and vitality into our lives. It can bring about many positive changes in ourselves, our interactions with others and the world in general. The process of learning relaxation techniques can help you develop more self-awareness and learn skills that enable you to live a more balanced, whole-hearted and happy life.


No experience or knowledge necessary, all levels are welcome.

Meet: First Wednesday of the month at the Colman Redland Centre in Reigate. There is plenty of parking. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. There is a small charge of £1.00 to cover hiring cost of the room.


See below for dates, times are all 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Wednesday Aug  7th

Wednesday Sept 4th
Wednesday October 2nd
Wednesday November 6th
Wednesday December 4th