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Theatre OutingsTheatre Outings This group has many members who would like to visit the theatre whether …2019/06/05Leisure2019-06-05 17:34:12
BoulesNewly formed Boules group More details to follow shortly2019/05/27Leisure2019-05-27 21:39:14
Ballet & Opera BroadcastExperience live broadcasts of ballet and opera showning at the Redhill Harlequin and Reigate Everyman …2019/04/05Leisure2019-04-05 07:19:25
Making MusicA group for people who want to enjoy all genres of music.   The aim …2019/02/21Music2019-02-21 16:39:40
MeditationSet out on a journey of discovery, by learning to Meditate. An initial meeting to …2019/01/10Fitness2019-01-10 16:17:22
Handbells Workshop‘Handbell Workshop – for Beginners’ This Handbell Workshop, a Group for complete beginners, will operate …2019/01/10Music2019-01-10 12:34:51
Fitness in the ParkA brisk walk, a few stretching exercises, a little Tai Chi, more brisk walking. PLEASE …2018/06/07Fitness2018-06-07 12:11:01
Making Music GroupMusical group intent on playing different instruments as a band Meets: every 2nd and 4th …2018/05/26Music2018-05-26 09:19:47
Architecture and DesignThis group first met in Summer 2018 and we have talked about subjects as varied …2018/05/18Sciences2018-05-18 13:58:27
UkuleleUkulele is an easy instrument to play – no experience required. If you would like …2018/02/14Music2018-02-14 13:34:36
Learn to RelaxRelaxation is an experience that cultivates joy, peace and vitality.   For many years I …2017/10/03Fitness2017-10-03 21:28:51
Metal DetectingFind treasure and other lost items buried beneath the soil Metal Detecting Meets: Alternate Wednesdays …2017/09/22Leisure2017-09-22 12:23:48
Debating SocietyDebating Society meeting regularly for lively discussions of topical interest.   Debates will be thought …2017/06/30Current Affairs2017-06-30 15:14:26
ScrabbleConnect with other interested members and play Scrabble with words. Scrabble 1 and Scrabble 2 …2017/03/03Games2017-03-03 17:29:16
Groups seeking new membersThese groups may be seeking new members but please check. The following list of groups …2017/01/14Uncategorized2017-01-14 13:39:41
World ReligionDiscussion around the many of the religions of the world Meets: 2nd Monday of the …2016/12/16Current Affairs2016-12-16 13:03:34
Local InterestDiscover hidden local interest in Reigate, Redhill and surrounding area Meets: Last Friday of the …2016/12/16Leisure2016-12-16 13:01:36
Railway StudiesTwo very popular groups who have an interest in railways   Railway Studies 1 Meets: …2016/12/16History2016-12-16 12:56:28
Wine AppreciationAlways popular, who could resist appreciating fine wines?   Wine Appreciation 1 Meets: 3rd Thursday …2016/12/16Leisure2016-12-16 12:51:47
WalkingAll members are welcome to walk and exercise with us. Walking [longer walks] Meets: 2nd …2016/12/16Fitness2016-12-16 12:43:03
YogaKeep fit and healthy with regular exercise and gentle movement. This group has been running …2016/12/16Fitness2016-12-16 12:39:29
Travel GroupGroup discussions about travels Travel Group Meets: 4th Monday of the Month Time: 14:00 – …2016/12/16Travel2016-12-16 12:36:29
Singing for PleasureFun and enthusiastic group singing a wide range of music Singing for Pleasure Meets: 2nd …2016/12/16Music2016-12-16 12:31:01
Music AppreciationTwo groups whose aims are to enhance enjoyment and understanding Music Appreciation 2 Meets: 2nd …2016/12/16Music2016-12-16 12:25:56
Play ReadingTwo Play Reading Groups who ‘perform’ both comedy and drama Play Reading 1 Meets: 2nd …2016/12/16Literature2016-12-16 12:20:22
Writing for PleasureTwo groups who meet to write mostly poetry or prose. Writing for Pleasure 1 Meets: …2016/12/16Writing2016-12-16 12:12:10
Narrative WritingNarrative writing is the most traditional form of creative writing. Narrative Writing 1 Meets: 4th …2016/12/16Writing2016-12-16 12:07:16
SerendipityWord with different meanings, thus producing a serendipity of facts Serendipity 1 Meets: Last Thursday …2016/12/16Writing2016-12-16 12:01:27
ScienceTopics explore systematic knowledge of the physical or material world Meets: 2nd Friday of the …2016/12/16Sciences2016-12-16 11:52:37
SpanishThree popular groups wanting to learn or Improve their Spanish   Spanish Conversation Meets: 1st …2016/12/16Languages2016-12-16 11:47:19
RummikubRummikub is a tile-based game for two to four players Rummikub 1 Meets: 1st & …2016/12/15Games2016-12-15 15:41:19
Pub QuizzesPit your wits with our U3A team in convivial surroundings. Pub Quiz Teams Do you …2016/12/15Games2016-12-15 15:38:01
PhilosophyStudy of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence Philosophy 1 Meets: 1st & …2016/12/15Philosophy2016-12-15 15:34:41
PhotographyThis group does not require expensive equipment just enthusiastic interest Photography Meets: 1st Thursday of …2016/12/15Leisure2016-12-15 15:30:30
Natural HistoryExplore the wonderful world of nature in our local area Meets: 3rd Monday of the …2016/12/15Nature2016-12-15 15:22:19
OrnithologyShare your interest in birds and their habitats with others Meets: 3rd Thursday of the …2016/12/15Nature2016-12-15 15:19:41
OperaNot a singing group but listening to our favourite arias Meets: 1st Wednesday of the …2016/12/15Music2016-12-15 15:16:35
MathematicsMathematics is the study of numbers, equations, functions, and geometry Meets: 1st Friday of the …2016/12/15Sciences2016-12-15 15:14:46
Table TennisJoin us playing Table Tennis every Friday at Redhill YMCA Meets: Fridays Held at YMCA. …2016/12/15Fitness2016-12-15 15:12:30
Lunch ClubThere are currently 4 lunch clubs [2 meet on Sundays]   Lunch Club 1 Meets: …2016/12/15Leisure2016-12-15 15:10:56
London ExperienceDays out to London museums, exhibitions and general interest sites Please note that this group …2016/12/15Travel2016-12-15 15:03:38
MahjongMahjong is a game for 4 that originated in China Meets: Ad hoc It is …2016/12/15Games2016-12-15 10:07:29
Let’s Play GamesJoin our group playing some old and new board games Meets: 2nd Friday of the …2016/12/15Games2016-12-15 10:05:23
Jazz AppreciationEnthusiasts discuss and listen to Jazz from Traditional to Modern Jazz Appreciation 1 Meets: 3rd …2016/12/15Music2016-12-15 10:03:03
LatinOriginally the language used in ancient Rome and its empire. Latin 1 Meets: 1st & …2016/12/15Languages2016-12-15 09:58:18
ItalianThree Italian Groups cover all levels from Beginners to Conversation.   Italian 1 [Basic Plus] …2016/12/15Languages2016-12-15 09:56:07
Poetry ReadingTwo groups who study and read works of other poets   Poetry for Pleasure Meets: …2016/12/15Literature2016-12-15 09:48:32
HistoryFour different history groups cover aspects from World to Modern.   History 1 British Britain …2016/12/14History2016-12-14 14:05:13
GardeningDuring summer, we visit National Trust, NGS or private gardens Garden Explorers Meets: 3rd Tuesday …2016/12/14Leisure2016-12-14 13:55:46
FrenchWe have Five French Groups at different stages of learning French Circle 1 Meets: 1st …2016/12/14Languages2016-12-14 13:37:52
Earth SciencesWe examine matters relating to the physical structure of earth Meets: 3rd Tuesday of the …2016/12/14Sciences2016-12-14 13:35:10
Current AffairsThree active current affairs groups, lively debates of current topics   Current Affairs 1 Meets: …2016/12/14Current Affairs2016-12-14 13:33:05
Proposed GroupsThis is the list of proposed groups waiting for enough interest from members to become …2016/12/14Proposed New Groups, Uncategorized2016-12-14 10:04:00
CanastaIMPORTANT MESSAGE Currently both groups suspended as the Community Hall is closed If you would …2016/12/14Games2016-12-14 09:52:25
Bridge – RubberA mixed ability group of 40 members  [no absolute beginners] Meets: Every Monday, Wednesday & …2016/12/14Games2016-12-14 09:11:11
Bridge – DuplicateDuplicate Bridge is the playing format at clubs and tournaments Meets: 2nd & 4th Fridays …2016/12/14Games2016-12-14 09:07:02
Bridge – Beginners / ImproversRegular attendance advised as Bridge learning is necessarily progressive   Bridge Beginners 1 Meets: 1st …2016/12/14Games2016-12-14 09:04:34
Antiques & BygonesWe discuss, research objects and memorabilia from a bygone era. Meets: 1st Thursday of the …2016/12/14History2016-12-14 08:51:01
Book ReadingWe currently have SIX different and diverse Book Reading Groups. They all meet on different …2016/12/13Literature2016-12-13 17:40:36
Art HistoryExploring the history of famous collections attending exhibitions, occasional outings. Meets: 1st Tuesday of the …2016/12/13Art2016-12-13 17:24:59
Family HistoryWho do you think you are? Come and find out. Family History 1 Meets: 2nd …2016/12/13History2016-12-13 16:58:33
EmbroideryTwo embroidery groups to feed your creative and design hobby CREATIVE STITCH Meets: 1st Tuesday …2016/12/13Crafts2016-12-13 16:48:48
PatchworkTwo patchwork groups with plenty of spaces so join now   Machine Patchwork Meets: 2nd …2016/12/13Crafts2016-12-13 16:40:24
Dressmaking – Sewing BuddiesThe aim is to make our own unique well-fitting garments Meets: 3rd Thursday of the …2016/12/13Crafts2016-12-13 16:25:46
CribbageCribbage is a card game for two, three or more but a maximum of 5 …2016/12/13Games2016-12-13 14:02:07
Local HistoryWe have two Local History groups with plenty of spaces Surrey History Group [Note the …2016/12/13History2016-12-13 13:49:51
GermanWhy not improve your German speaking, written and reading skills? Meets: 2nd and 4th Tuesday …2016/12/13Languages2016-12-13 13:48:13
CraftsCard making and other craft activities are always popular groups CRAFT 1 Meets: 3rd Monday …2016/12/13Crafts2016-12-13 13:44:22
HandbellsEvery Friday morning this group practises their Handbell Ringing skills Meets: Every Friday at Colman …2016/12/13Music2016-12-13 00:12:43
Art AppreciationThis group that meets once a month with occasional exhibition visits arranged. Art Appreciation Meets: …2016/12/12Art2016-12-12 23:08:05
Art for PleasureTwo very relaxed groups that follow on from one another meeting every week to paint …2016/12/12Art2016-12-12 22:29:08