Family History

Who do you think you are? Come and find out.

Family History 1

Meets: 2nd Wednesday of the month

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

A group with mixed experience of family history investigation.

During most meetings we help each other by exchanging information about topics, techniques, reference books and online resources.


Family History 2

Meets: 3rd Thursday of the month

Time: 14:00 – 16:00

Family History Group 2 continues to meet regularly at members’ homes and each year we plan a mixed programme of outings and meetings with a specific subject e.g. A relative from 1850.

We share our knowledge & sometimes artifacts & documents & help each other with “brick walls”.

Twice a year all three Family History groups meet and invite an outside speaker. This has proved very popular, especially Nick Barrett of WDYTYA.

We go out to lunch each summer and at our Christmas meeting we have a glass of wine and a mince pie and plan next year’s programme.


Family History 3

Meets: 1st Thursday of the month

Time: 11:00 – 13:00

We are a friendly group of 12 members, who range from beginners to experienced family historians. New members who are starting out on researching their ancestry are offered one to one sessions to help them begin their journey of discovery.

Each month we have a topic chosen by the group on any aspect of genealogy, and everyone contributes to the ensuing discussion. Twice a year we join with groups 1 and 2 for a talk by an outside speaker on a subject pertinent to our research, and sometimes a speaker attends one of our own meetings. We also have an annual outing – this year we visited the Huguenot House in Spitalfields.


Family History 4

Meets: 2nd Tuesday of the Month at St Joseph’s Community Centre, Ladbroke Road, Redhill

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

Have you been inspired and intrigued by the television programme Who Do You Think You Are? Would you too like to be amazed as you unravel the mysteries of your ancestors? You may discover, like actor Danny Dyer that you can trace your tree back to royalty in the 11th century or like singer Boy George that you have Irish Republican links. Or your folks may be more ordinary, but just as fascinating, who have experienced brushes with the law, the scandal of divorce or bigamy or just the frowned-upon stigma of an illegitimate child. Get an insight into their jobs and living conditions, where they went to school and what their town or village was like when they were there.

Join our friendly and fun group to start your own investigation. We have been running for just over a year and have lots of knowledge that we are willing to share. Our monthly meetings include talks on various aspects of research as well as regular opportunities for hands-on research.

We have visited the Spike centre former workhouse in Guildford and we look forward to other trips to local archives.