Earth Sciences

We examine matters relating to the physical structure of earth

Meets: 3rd Tuesday of the Month

Time: 10:00 – 12:00

The object of the group is to examine matters relating to the physical structure of the earth and the close atmosphere.   The basic principles of geology and geomorphology are often considered in relation to the structure of the landscape of south east England and, sometimes, other regions of the UK.
We meet in members houses on no strict rota.
Members take it in turns to prepare a subject to present to the meeting. The subject can be based on past experience, or more exciting, the exploration of a topic new to the member.
Earlier subjects have been fossils, the formation of the Lake District, waves and earth tremors, Reigate Stone, the physical nature of the oceans and the iron industry of the Weald. Sometimes there is a magazine meeting. Each member brings along an item that they consider would stimulate a general discussion and introduces it with a very short talk.
At least once a year we try to have an all day outside visit to a place of interest.