Art History

Exploring the history of famous collections attending exhibitions, occasional outings.

Meets: 1st Tuesday of the Month

Time: 10:30 – 12:30

We are a lively group, and the format of meetings is an evolving and movable feast depending on each person’s particular interest.

Since the beginning we have explored the history of some of the most famous collections, with one person presenting a topic of interest at each meeting. These subjects have included The History of The Wallace Collection, The History of The National Gallery and The Work of William Powell Frith. Ending in December 2015 with The History of Christmas Cards and this year went on our first outing to The Watts Gallery.

In the future we are attending exhibitions, watching DVDs of artists of special interest to the group, and making presentations about museums or exhibitions discussing artists or works of art that have particularly inspired us. Presentations enable us to discuss and explore in more depth each topic and artists that stimulates our artistic passions and developing a curiosity for the history of all art its many manifestations